Over-Pronation may Cause Your Running Injuries?

U.S Orthotic center Custom orthotics have been used by hundreds of happy clients. They’ve been around for a long time and are made from the highest quality materials.  Many podiatrists have developed a variety of customizations on which to base the design of a particular orthotic. Orthotics were centered around the “pronation” paradigm, overpronation (inward […]

Orthotics info from U.S Orthotic center lab

We can custom make you Orthotics that provide support for damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bone problems. Most of our orthotic products are customized to a patient’s needs and anatomy. Our orthotics designed to fit into your shoes and your lifestyle. In some cases, orthotics may shift the patient’s weight to different parts of […]

Custom Orthotic insoles can help flat feet? ?

Custom orthotics can help flat feet? In many adults and kids, a low arch or a flatfoot is painless and causes no problems. However, a painful flatfoot can be a sign of a congenital abnormality or an injury to the muscles and tendons of the foot. If the condition progresses, you may experience problems with […]

Bunions, shoes, and recommended Orthotic sinsoles for bunions

Can orthotics help any bunions condition? This picture shows a genetic bunion with a crossover second toe. This shoe doesn’t help her out. Look at how wide her foot is, and how narrow her shoe is. This is the perfect example of shoe abuse. At U.S Orthotic Center we create a custom-made orthotic that will […]

Arthritic Foot Problems

Carbon Plates are used to relieve pain for an arthritic foot and mid foot arthritis. Often prescribed for hallux ridgidus (a stiff big toe). Toes are a hinge joint, and most people are born with 65-80 degrees of motion in the first toe. Due to genetics, injury, and ill fitting shoes (shoes that are to […]

Difference between orthotics and insoles

Home Orthotic Type Process Quality Shoes Blog Press Testimonials Contact Us Privacy Policy X What is the difference between orthotics and insoles? U.S. Orthotic Center firmly believes that everyone especially athletes should have an insole or orthotic in their footwear. Virtually everyone experiences better comfort and control with insoles. They enable the foot to directly […]