Custom orthotics can help flat feet? In many adults and kids, a low arch or a flatfoot is painless and causes no problems. However, a painful flatfoot can be a sign of a congenital abnormality or an injury to the muscles and tendons of the foot. If the condition progresses, you may experience problems with walking, climbing stairs and wearing shoes. Flat feet in addition to other back pain knee pain discomforts definitely need to be looked at.

Us orthotic center

Board Certified Pedorthist Jeffery from U.S Orthotic Center mentions that If flat feet are causing pain, we can create supportive, a well-fitted shoe that can help you. In addition to custom high-quality Orthotic . We can make fitted insoles and other custom-designed arch support to relieve pressure on the arch and reduce pain.
Even if you don’t have extreme issues, by using custom made orthotic insoles that perfectly designed for you will benefit you for overall comfort. Visit our lab for a consultation.