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orthotics process

Here is an inside look at the orthotic process and manufacturing process. All foot orthotics and orthotic inserts are made in our foot orthotic lab in NYC by certified Pedorthists led by Jeffry Rich

Us Orthotic Center Custom foot Orthotic Process

irst Encounter –“The Consultation” The Crucial part of the Orthotic Process

Our board-certified foot specialist begins by reviewing any prescriptions and medical reports you bring to the appointment. We will ask you to point out any pain or discomfort in your foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back, and the pedorthist will ask you a series of questions regarding the pain or discomfort. During the orthotic process consultation, we evaluate your feet by taking ten different precise measurements of your toes, feet, ankles, and lower legs to determine your foot balance and health. The measurements allow us to precisely design your orthotic inserts.

U.S Orthotic Center, NYC orthotic lab

Understanding Your Foot and Symptoms

Once examines the Pedortist will explain to you using charts and foot models, his findings, and recommendations. Also, which shoes and orthotics combination would be best for your condition. U.S Orthotic Center will suggest you orthotic models that would work best to treat your foot condition and outline a course of action to follow. Orthotics are a work in progress and we will work with you throughout the orthotic process.

Us Orthotic center create a physical reproduction of your foot

The Orthotic Casting Steps

Using a special mixture, the pedorthist will align your foot, pressing it down in the gel-like putty to form a negative impression of your foot. This is a reverse orthotic design technique for your foot and the beginning of your custom-made orthotics creation.

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The Foot Mold Orthotic Creation

Special casting plaster is poured into the mold to create a positive cast of your foot. U.S Orthotic Center creates the exact replica of the bottom of your foot which will align perfectly with your custom orthotics. Unlike other labs, we do not fill the arch in to balance this cast. U.S Orthotic Center creates foot mold that we call “true to cast”. result in the perfect Orthotic Solutions. The cast is then lightly sanded down to make a smooth surface that maintains its true contour. Lastly, it is then marked for correction for your unique painful areas.

Us Orthotic Center Vacuum Mold Process

Orthotic Vacuum Forming

Next, the cast is placed into a vacuum tray. Layers of heat moldable EVA or plastic are then placed in a convection oven for even heating until the material is malleable. Once it’s malleable, the material is placed on the plaster mold and vacuumed, forming a precise mold. The material cools and is removed from the plaster mold for the next step of making the orthotics.

Orthotics are used for a host of problems, including bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, limb length discrepancy, irritation to growth plates in children’s feet, tendonitis, shin splints and tight heel cords, to name a few.

Grinding the Orthotic/Adding Corrections

Grinding is a part of the Orthotic Process. This is where art meets science! Using a band saw and round wheel grinder, each custom orthotic is trimmed to remove excess bulk and is ground to a smooth flat surface. Then, wedges and/or cushioned layers are added to the orthotic to help balance your foot and alleviate your pain.

U.s orthotic Center each foot is physically inspected and measured

Shoe Fitting Orthotic

All orthotics are made on-premises. When you pick up your newly created orthotics, they will be trimmed down and shaped to fit your footwear. The orthotics, depending on the model, will fit into a variety of dresses or athletic shoes. Orthotics are a work in progress. If they don’t fit into a particular shoe or your pain has not been resolved, you can make an appointment for an adjustment. At U.S Orthotic Center, your orthotics come with 3 complementary adjustments to be done within the first 3 months. Adjustments in most cases are done during your appointment. Your pain-free comfort is our goal!