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It is a long established fact that a Customer will return and refer their loved ones when they treated and received excellent service. Here at the U.S orthotics center, we care greatly about our customers. We always use the highest quality materials, and most advanced craftsmanship to achieve their health goals.

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Michael Sandford
Michael Sandford
I echo some of the other reviews here: I was a very active person, but due to a neurological condition that led to very high arches I was no longer able to run/hike/etc. I saw several specialists who prescribed AFOs, other orthotics, pads, shots, non of which helped my foot pain. Dr. Rich did research on my condition and made me orthotics that were in a different league from the others. He's a total pro. Within a few weeks my foot pain was almost gone, and six years later my pain is completely gone and I'm still on the same set. After not running for 2+ years before getting orthotics, I've since run several thousand miles, hiked a number of mountains, danced at my wedding, and walked with no pain. Almost in tears as I write this, he helped bring so much joy back to my life. I've told a number of people that it was the best money I've ever spent in my life. Hoping to visit again soon to get another set of orthotics (maybe a few more) as I've almost worn through the top layer on my pair. If you're researching where to go, go here. Dr. Rich--I'm so grateful for your expertise/skill. Hope to see you again soon.
Vianney Morales
Vianney Morales
Jeff Rich at US Orthotic Center has improved my foot alignment and continues to help me alleviate flat foot related problems and ankle pain. I can’t recommend Jeff enough if you are looking for orthotics. Thank you, Jeff!
PF Williams
PF Williams
Jeff Rich does a great job. Staff follows up and will make adjustments if there are any issues with your orthotics.
SR Washington
SR Washington
Great experience. My shoes were no longer comfortable. No help from retail inserts. The team mapped out/scanned my problem and provided a custom solution! Efficient and responsive office. Wish I had come in sooner.
Ronald L. Crane, Esq.
Ronald L. Crane, Esq.
Who knew I needed arthotics until I saw a video of me walking/limping. Very comfortable form the get-go, I walked form the office to Penn Station comfortably Jeffrey REALLY knows his feet, and mine!
Galen Lee
Galen Lee
Orthopedics has changed my life! Knees, ankles, and hip has less issues.
Ed Walsh
Ed Walsh
The experience at US Orthotic Center was fantastic. In addition to getting new orthotics quickly, I was given exceptional help selecting shoes that meet my needs.
kenneth howe
kenneth howe
Dr Rich saved my life, and that's not an exaggeration. After struggling for several years with severe foot and ankle pain --consulting with many specialists, including a famous foot/ankle surgeon at HSS, who wanted to perform six separate surgeries on my foot — I saw Dr Rich and had some new orthotics made. Although I had already been wearing orthotics for 25 years, Dr. Rich's are different: they provide much more support and lift where it's needed, and provided immediate relief of my pain. I am a doctor, myself, and I was able to immediately to return to working full days on my feet. I now walk 10 miles or more per day while on vacation – all without pain!
David Wilson
David Wilson
I've worked with Jeff for nearly 10 years and he is extremely knowledgeable and makes the best orthotics out there. They are comfortable, supportive and built to last. Highly recommend.


What people say about us U.S orthotic center.

Please allow me a moment to two to express my most sincere appreciation for all that you and the u.s orthotic center have done for me since I first came to your office a couple of months ago. I truly hope that I have not been too much of a pain in my seemingly unending search for a means by which to alleviate my pain. Your expert work is paying great dividends and I do not think I would have any chance to avoid surgery without the great work that you have done. Additionally, it has always been a pleasure each time I have visited the office because both you and your assistant (please thank her for me as well) make me feel so welcomed and, actually, I always have a good time speaking with you as well. I am sure that only the references of physicians positively impact your business but rest assured that I tell everyone I know about how you have helped me and if testimonials are a benefit, please be sure to use this letter. I could not be happier with the service, with the experience, and, thus far, the results.

          Dear Jeff – May 11, 2016

An expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro, especially one that involves filming a TV show, requires an incredible logistical effort and top flight gear. On our team’s recent summit of Africa’s tallest mountain no piece of gear was more important than what was under my feet — a pair of Masterfit’s Zapz microwavable insoles. Before I departed, I was seriously worried that a foot injury would preclude me from making the climb. Thanks to your wonderful product (Zapz) and the care of Masterfit co-owner Jeff Rich my injury never came into play and the expedition was a complete success. Now I won’t set foot outside without Zapz in my shoes!

Richard W. – New York, NY – Spring 2014

Dr. Deland, I haven’t seen you for so long largely because of your wonderful suggestion of Jeff Rich who has done a fantastic job of helping me, both with his orthotics and his advice.

John L. – New York, NY – February 2, 2012

Wow, does Jeff know his stuff. I was referred to US Orthotic Center by my doctor. I’ve heard Jeff’s name before but was reluctant to try orthotics again. I have seen many podiatrist and pedorthist for orthotics with very limited success. After over a dozen pairs of orthotics I thought I would have to live with my knee and foot pain the rest of my life. Thanks to Jeff I’m back running, playing tennis and golfing. Walking into US. Orthotics waiting room was like walking into a sports memorabilia museum. There are shoes with signatures from the New York Knicks and the Nets, Ivan Lendl’s tennis shoe, a letter from Monica Seles and articles written about and written by Jeff. I knew I was in the right place. Jeff’s personality really shines. He’s very knowledgeable and really knows the biomechanics of foot and body. He definitely loves his job, and it really shows in the way he treated me. On the first appointment, he took more measurements than any of the doctors I’ve seen for my problem. He then gave me an education about my foot and why I have my problem. Wow does he know a lot about the foot. I wanted to buy a couple of pairs at first but Jeff said “let’s first make you one for walking. If we have success we can always make more”. Right when I put the orthotics on, even before I stood up, I knew these orthotics were different. Supportive but yet comfortable. Then I stood up, wow no pain, Jeff’s amazing. He was confident about his abilities from the get-go and now I know why. After one week I return to buy more orthotics. The walking pair felt great for walking but as Jeff said may feel so so for running. He was so right. I then order a pair for Running and Tennis. I wanted a pair for Golf but Jeff said the walking pair would work for both. Again he was right. Jeff is such a straight shooter. It’s now been one month since I saw Jeff and I’m pain free. My knees have never felt so good and my feet are dancing like I’m twenty again. I would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone with a foot or knee problem. His patience, sympathy, expertise and wisdom will make anyone feel like he’s there for you…..thank you, thank you, and thank you. Jeff you’re the BEST.

Dan R. – New York, NY – December 27, 2011

Dear Dr. Simon, Thank you greatly for your referral to Mr. Rich. He was very helpful. I greatly enjoyed a visit to U.S. Orthotic Center. It was a delight to chat with Mr. Rich because he is such an expert and is so informative.

Roger P. – New York, NY – December 12, 2011

I’ve had my orthotics for nearly 3 weeks now & I just wanted to let you know how wonderful they are! They are making a noticeable difference in my ability to use my arthritic knee with less discomfort, & to do more of everything from working out at the gym to climbing down stairs to standing on my feet for longer periods of time. My physical therapist has noticed the difference as well. Mostly I’ve been wearing the orthotics that have the built-in heel lift in my sneakers (these also work well in snow boots & Ugg boots too), but I’ve also worn the pair for dress shoes a few times & they have worked out well. Having the heel raised on the outside of the shoe seems to be a good solution for dress shoes. Again, many thanks & best wishes for happy holidays & a Happy New Year.

Joanne I. – West Orange, NJ – December 29, 2009

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable for boot fitting. I do wear orthotics in my regular shoes and he does take a different approach than my podiatrist when it came to analyzing my feet. Overall, money is well spent for the orthotics for my snowboard boots and highly recommend him if other methods have failed.

Tan – NJ – November 2, 2009

Dear Jeff, Thank you for taking such good care of Christina today. We both left your office quite uplifted. As I said when we met, it’s been a long and painful journey to get to you. But the good news is we did get to you. And I also want to thank you for that heart-to-heart talk with her about feeding pain. As her mom this is not something she would accept from me. But interestingly enough, she is taking philosophy and on our drive in we talked about Descartes and what is real or imagined. That segued into a discussion of fear as a manifestation of internal thought…. Anyway, your discussion about pain was just a natural extension into that dialogue. As we walked to the New Balance store she asked me why you brought that up. I asked her, in turn; why she thought you brought that up. It was an interesting dialog. We both bought the NB 993 and she instantly felt better walking. The shoes or the hope? Probably both. And her wrist felt better. Ah ha! So thanks for your help, your knowledge and your life lesson-ing. Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving with your family,

Denene J. – Greenwich, CT – November 25, 2008

Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for the orthotics you made for me. I don’t know if you can imagine how much they have changed my life for the better. My entire body has become fit and less tense and of course less painful, all the way up my back to my shoulders. I honestly did not expect much as I have had such bad luck in the past with orthotics, spending over $1000 before I got to you. I really wish I had met you 10 years ago. The other day, I stood up for 6 hours straight without pain afterwards which is amazing to me. It’s like I have a completely different body, and strong stable legs like I’ve never known. Seriously, these orthotics have made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you.

Chris E. – Brooklyn, NY – October 11, 2008

Thank you for sending the shoes to our house. Lydia was able to leave for college in TN with both pairs. Both she & Malcolm love the orthotics and the shoes. I have already recommended your services to at least 4 or 5 other families.

Irene O. – Larchmont, NY – August 29, 2007

My shoes arrived last week, and I’ve been wearing the clogs ever since. With the adjustment to the orthotic and the raised right shoe, I’m walking as well as I have in eleven years! Jeff, you are an artist. I’ll be back soon with a more suitable pair.

Jackie J. – New York, NY – January 18, 2007