Orthotic Solutions Patents Developed BY Jeffery From U.S Orthotic Center

Jeff is an innovative clinician with an orthotic solution spending patent for the only proven cure for Plantar Fasciitis, which has been field-tested on NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLS (Major League Soccer) players. U.S Orthotic center 6 US patents on footwear orthotic solutions products and has worked with Rollerblade to help design the Quantum skate.

User moldable adjustable orthotics insert

Grant US7900380B2 • Jeffrey S. Rich  Masterfit Enterprises Inc. U.S orthotics affiliate and business partner  Adjustable insert orthotic solutions
Priority 2005-10-13 • Filing 2005-10-13 • Grant 2011-03-08 • Publication 2011-03-08

Baby bottle holder

Heat moldable composition

Grant US6025414A Jeffrey S. RichJeffery S. Rich
Priority 1997-02-28 • Filing 1998-06-04 • Grant 2000-02-15 • Publication 2000-02-15

Heat moldable gel and foam composition

Custom multi-layered orthotic/orthotics, and method for forming

Us orthotic center top quality orthotics and orthotic insoles to ease bunions