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Jeff is an innovative clinician with a pending patent for the only proven cure for Plantar Fasciitis, which has been field tested on NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLS (Major League Soccer) players. He holds 6 US patents on footwear products and has worked with Rollerblade to help design the Quantum skate.


User moldable adjustable insert

Grant US7900380B2 • Jeffrey S. Rich  Masterfit Enterprises Inc.
Priority 2005-10-13 • Filing 2005-10-13 • Grant 2011-03-08 • Publication 2011-03-08


Baby bottle holder


Heat moldable composition

Grant US6025414A Jeffrey S. RichJeffery S. Rich
Priority 1997-02-28 • Filing 1998-06-04 • Grant 2000-02-15 • Publication 2000-02-15


Heat moldable gel and foam composition


Custom multi-layered orthotic/orthosis, and method for forming