When you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you may experience great relief by using orthotic shoe inserts. Plantar
fasciitis can be reduced when your feet are properly supported. The pain of plantar fasciitis decreases with
orthotics, which provide total contact with the surface of the foot. Orthotic inserts can also help prevent
overpronation, which can be a risk factor leading to plantar fasciitis.


Ending Plantar fasciitis Pain at U.S Orthotics Center

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that can be alleviated and even healed.
To achieve relief, we at the U.S Orthotic center work together with our patients to break the cycle of pain. Essentially, to
keep the pain away, the first step is to make sure to keep your feet properly aligned. At the U.S Orthotics center lab, our podiatrists and biomechanics experts emphasize the importance of supporting your feet. Supporting it From when you wake up till you are going to bed. This constant use of orthotic support assists in keeping your feet properly aligned so they can function as they are intended, taking the stress and strain off your plantar fascia.


Plantar fasciitis can cause excruciating pain. Wearing
unsupportive shoes can be a cause of plantar fasciitis,
especially while walking regularly on hard, unnatural
surfaces. With such foot pain, many people are often forced
to become less active while diagnosing and treating their
plantar fasciitis. By wearing orthotics for plantar fasciitis,
it’s possible to experience immediate relief. Furthermore,
with consistent use, you may be able to reduce the
symptoms of plantar fasciitis in the long term.