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Jeffrey S. Rich makes the best orthotics in NYC! Your comfort is our TOP priority!

US Orthotic Center is located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. We only make orthotics. It was founded in 1982 by Jeffrey S. Rich, a Board Certified Pedorthist. Jeff has over 30 years of experience making custom orthotics for Flat feet, Cavus foot (high arches), Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, Sesamoiditis, Achilles Tendonitis, Neuromas, and Arthritic feet. Jeff is an innovative clinician with a pending patent for the only proven cure for Plantar Fasciitis, which has been field tested on NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLS (Major League Soccer) players. Jeff has worked with leading New York City orthopedists to solve some of medicine's most challenging foot problems, reducing or eliminating bunion pain and discomfort while increasing mobility. He has improved comfort for his patients, as well as the performance of numerous athletes—from serious weekend competitors to world-class level competitors, such as the MLB’s Carlos Beltran, tennis players Ivan Lendl and Monica Seles, Olympic ice skater Michelle Kwan, Olympic skiing gold medalist Debbie Armstrong. Jeff has as well developed custom molded inserts for NBA teams such as the Brooklyn Netsthe New York Knicksthe Boston Celticsthe Atlanta Hawksthe Philadelphia 76'ers, and the Chicago Bulls. Whatever the issue, you can be sure Jeff and the U.S. Orthotics Center team have the experience to help formulate an orthotic solution.

Jeff's passion and ability for understanding and solving foot and footwear problems has led him in several creative directions. He is an accomplished inventor/designer. He holds 6 US patents on footwear products and has worked with Rollerblade to help design the Quantum skate. He is the co-owner and R&D Director at Masterfit Enterprises. He is the inventor of all Masterfit insole and fit aid products including IP Vac System, Instaheat System, Instaprint Hi-Definition Custom Insoles, Zapz Microwavable Custom Insoles, and EZ Fit Auto-Adaptable Insoles. Jeff is also the co-founder of Masterfit University, a global training company that teaches footwear fitting skills and modification techniques to snow sports and athletic shoe retailers. He has been the co-director of Ski Magazine and Ski Press Magazines' boot testing programs and has written extensively on ski boots and fitting issues. He has also written for Biomechanics Magazine, and has lectured for the Pedorthic Footwear Association and the Professional Ski Instructors of America.

US Orthotic Center makes all orthotics on premises, meaning that person who examines and molds your feet is the same person who hand-crafts your orthotic- T"we are the foot orthotic lab in New York. This is a defining feature of US Orthotic Center, NYC as most Podiatrists or Pedorthist use a third party to manufacture their patients’ insoles, which oftentimes is inconvenient for the patient. Furthermore, thanks to the US Orthotic Center on-site production of Orthotics, it allows us to conveniently make adjustments to the insole for our patients. US Orthotic Center is one of the only true foot orthotic lab in New York. Whether you're looking for arch supports for slip-on sneakers, orthotic inserts, or even the best shoe for flat feet. When u say orthotic think US Orthotic Center.

So if you're looking for orthotics, Jeff Rich and the US Orthotic Team work their foot magic for you! The one-stop shop for orthotics NYC.

For more information, contact us at 1(212)-832-1648