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U.S. Orthotic Center is a full sports service center specializing in Orthotics and Stance Alignment. We custom fit orthotics for all sports including running, cycling, golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, roller skates and in-line skates.

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In The Press

"I tread lightly with my professional [athletes]," says Jeffrey S. Rich, CPed, owner and president of U.S. Orthotic Center, New York, New York. "You don't want to do too much or too little, and you have to nail it on the first go-around because there is so much riding on getting them healthy and performing."

The O&P EDGE — Interviewed

"A jogger's ally is a shoe that keeps pace with his individual needs. Here we give the top sneakers the we gave the runaround."

Maxim Magazine - October 1997

"Jeffrey S. Rich, co-owner of Masterfit Enterprises and the Inventory of Zaps, Qickbeds and EZFit Insoles recently fitted Emmy Award winning TV host Richard Wiese with Zapz on a recent expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Richard was also kind enough to take a photo at the summit with a Zapz banner."

"Masterfit Enterprises hits stride with dedication to bootfitting"

SIA Snow Show Daily

"We still prefer the work of a custom bootfitter..."

Fall Line - News & Views

"Surprisingly Effecive Gear of the Month: ZAPZ CUSTOM INSOLES"

Esquire Magazine

"With an Instaprint inside, you'll enjoy better control..."

Men's Journal

"Whether fitting ski boots or skates, Rich is passionate about his work..."

The Patriot Ledger

"You wouldn't take your glasses off to read and you won't take your insoles out to ski..."

NY Times

"Rich can guarantee comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you..."

New York

"You make a person's feet comfortable, and you've made a friend for life..."

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